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Who are we

Got me. it is just me for now.

What do we offer?

The market is full of great digital products and service providers. The ongoing changes dominate the changing requirements from digital tools in any fields. There is just one big problem - technology has a cost, and its solutions are never perfect. In a positive scenario - an excellent technological solution triggers the user/client’s appetite for more (costly) features. On the other hand, many other times we find ourselves unhappy with the result of an expensive and costly

Our Method - JIJO (or, think tiny!)

JIJO (Jump In Jump Out) Means we will not provide large plans with high price offers. We will spend some time getting to know the human (user) need and try to come to relatively cheap and straightforward solutions. It might not be perfect, but it must have a beneficial effect - otherwise, we will won’t make an offer.

Yea.. but what do we offer?

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Data Science Basics: Wow - this is a long list of buzzwords, isn’t it? The truth is that we are in the process of professionalizing in these exciting fields. Yes, you read it right - we are not there yet. We believe that practice is the right path for specialization, so while we already have the basic understanding and working on strengthening ourselves in these fields - we will be excited hearing about your ideas and think together of ways for a starter.

  • Quick Scripts and Web Developments: we won’t build you a fancy and shiny website, but we will quickly (and cheaply) provide tailored solutions.

  • Open source tools introduction and user training: We believe in the Open Source Way. That’s why our first choice would be investigating for relevant projects to answer your needs. We will also offer a lower price if you approve of publishing it under an Open Source License, and by that let other to enjoy the code base, and yourself to enjoy potential benefits of common goods.

  • Site SEO 101: There are many experts around promising to push your site to the top of the leading search results list. We won’t guarantee that. We assume that your site’s content and its usability are the main factors for its success. It does not mean you should not care at all of SEO - but that it should not take too much effort to check and create a basic checklist of both technical recommended actions and content management updates to support it. The difference, again, is the scope of the audit process and the expected follow-up recommendations.

  • Site Accessibility 101: we support the increasing awareness of the need to enable people with disabilities taking part in the digital arena. We also acknowledge the fact it is not always straightforward and might require more resources to follow the common standards in the field. We could help you understand where does your site stands regarding these standards and recommend what the missing practices of your current website are. Even better, we

Show me some examples…

  • Apply the JIJO method for Hebrew Natural Language Processing analysis for ZenCity.
  • Build a mechanism to identify similar/relevant entities in the (covering the Israeli national budget data ecosystem), based on quantitative and qualitative properties. (In progress..)
  • Basic web development and NLP for CrowdAction.
  • Translated Select Star Sql, a great resource to Hebrew (made by Zi Chong Kao), setup for future RTL/LTR interface translations.

Convinced, how do I contact you?